Creating an Impressive Business Introduction

Are you just another manager?

The job of manager (as we know it today) is actually a pretty new job.  It was created during the industrial revolution when factories were suddenly employing hundreds of workers and they needed to be managed.  Since that time, the manager has taken over the world.  Now we have managers that manager other managers.  It's becoming harder and harder to 'stand out from the crowds' of managers, specialists, assistants, directors, etc.  

So, when you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and tell people your job, do it well!  It doesn't matter if you are introducing yourself at a business meeting, convention, presentation, or just in the elevator, take the opportunity to really impress people.  Let us show you how to do it!

This your opportunity to impress us!  Write your professional intro below, and we will send you feedback or suggestions to further elevate your intro.

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