Cheat Sheets: How to Use Convenient, Available, or Suitable?

Are you convenient, available or suitable for the meeting?

Language is about perspective.  Do you see one word or three when you look at this Turkish word?:  Yüz.  As a 'yabancı', I see one word, but Turkish people will probably see three:  yüz (100), yüz (face), and yüz (swim).  When you see the words 'convenient', 'available', and 'suitable' - Turkish people might see one word:  'müsait'.  But native English speakers would see three words with three similar meanings, but three different uses.  Check out this short video to learn the difference!

Are you ready to quiz yourself?  

This isn't a normal quiz.  At Dragoman Akademi, we don't really believe in a,b,c,d answers.  If you want to really test your mastery of this topic, challenge yourself to take this quiz.  Our academic team will personally look at your writing and send you feedback.

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I think pants are more ______________ than dresses for working in a factory.
Choose the correct answer.
My schedule has been cleared all day next week, so I'm ________________ any time you are free.
Choose the correct answer.
Mondays are my busiest day of the week, so it's not a very _________________ day to meet. However, I can be ___________________ to meet any other day this week.
Choose the correct answer.
Please reply to this email as if you were Deniz. Please remember to use convenient, available or suitable at least twice in your reply.