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We help you build, grow and maintain the business language and 

communication skills that are essential for the new and ever-changing global marketplace.

The Challenge

Today’s global economy requires employees to be able to communicate effectively, clearly and professionally in a variety of business situations and contexts with both clients and colleagues.

The Solution

We provide business language and communication skills training that is tailored for business people and professionals.

In short,

We equip you for business and working internationally!

Are You Fit For Business?

Our Programs & Solutions
Workshops for Groups

Enhance your teams’ language skills for increased effectiveness in 1-, 2- or 3-day workshops

Grammar Clinics

Brush up your grammar and confidence with our series of interactive Grammar Clinics

Customized Group Training Programs

Based on your employees’ English communication needs, we can provide highly customized training and skills development programs to meet a variety of business scenarios and fulfill various departmental needs.

New & Innovative Executive English Coaching

Goal-oriented & personalized 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 coaching to help fine tune your language skills

Speaking Labs for Groups & Individuals

Our Speaking Labs provide useful language practice that allow participants to develop their speaking skills, fluency and confidence.

HR & Talent Recruitment Services

Companies who need to assess candidates’ English language competency and skill levels during their hiring process may utilize the following services to support their recruitment efforts:

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