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Business Language & Communication Skills for the Global Marketplace

affina /af·fi·na /noun


A workshop, an entity to improve or refine something


To refine, to sharpen, to improve, to make perfect

Today’s global economy requires employees to be able to communicate effectively, clearly and professionally in a variety of business situations and contexts with both clients and colleagues. To cope with this challenge, we provide business language and communication skills training that are tailored to business people and professionals.


In short, we enhance the individual's performance and equip them for business and working internationally! And that improves the business results!

Our Approach

Global English

We teach 21st century language & communication skills


We localize our programs & services for Turkish people


We customize for your job & industry


We individualize for your specific needs & learning style

Benefits of Working With Us

Talent development / Upskilling & reskilling / Executive English Coaching

More sales / Faster growth

Better teams / Improved collaboration & communication

Higher staff morale & retention / Increased confidence

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